The Future of Medical Education

Medzcool is a community of students, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals
It is a place where we can learn and teach medicine together

What is Medzcool?

Medzcool is like social media, but for medical education. You can share your own content or you can just read and interact with other users' content while staying anonymous. You can rate and leave feedback on content, save your favorite content and even organize your content for later. At Medzcool, we want to create accessible medical education. We want to make the experience of studying more social.


Cases are Medzcool's version of multiple choice questions. You can keep track of which cases you've done and save the ones you found really helpful for later.

The case card you see here shows you helpful insight into each case, such as the case rating, attempts by other users and the number of users who answered correctly.

Case Stats

Each case will have it's own statistics. This includes, the ratings, attempts, and the number of correct vs incorrect attempts. Each case will even provide you with a breakdown of how other users answered a particular case.


The Medzcool library is filled with detailed articles from various categories, from cardiology to respiratory to basic sciences, all for free. These articles are created by different Medzcool users which you can save into notebooks for organization and easy accessibility for later use.


This is the article card. Like the case card, this gives you pertinent information about the article. Things like, ratings, views, a short description and the article category. From here you can also add the article to your archives or to one of your notebooks.

Your Profile

Your profile is a place you can show off to the world.

At Medzcool, you profile represents you, your avatar, your stats, your articles and notebooks, your cases etc. Think of it as your showcase, resume or CV on adrenaline.

Following other users allows you to populate your case and library feeds with contnt from other creators you love. Having other users follow you creates a sense of accomplishment and community among other students.

Your Stats

When you answer a case in Medzcool, it gets saved and analyzed. Your answers are then displayed to you in real time, showing you which types of cases you are getting wrong. This can help you focus on areas you need to improve on.

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