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It's a place where we can learn, teach and find inspiration in medicine together, for free.

Medzcool is designed with students and medical professionals in mind

You don't have a lot of time outside of your classroom and clinical responsibilities so you need to maximize your efficiency when you study


Cases are clinical scenarios followed by multiple choice questions, which are basically the format for almost every test you will ever take - MCAT, Shelf exams, USMLE, NCLEX, In-training exams, specialty specific boards, etc.

Time and time again, students voice that rather than lectures or free reading, practice questions are the most effective way to learn because it involves active thinking rather than passive absorption of information.


Medzcool has reference articles that provide a succinct overview of a variety of topics. We know that you can always go to Uptodate or Pubmed for more comprehensive information, but our goal is to provide the high-yield basics as a starting point.

Medzcool is Free

We know you took out major loans for your education and that supplemental materials like books and question banks don’t come cheap. We are able to provide our content for free because the case questions and articles are submitted by our users. You teach some, you learn more.

We Just Launched

The early beta version of Medzcool is now live and all cases and articles are completely open access to everyone. In the future, new users will have access to a limited number of cases and will be able to unlock more if they submit their own quality content that other users find helpful.

Team Medzcool

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